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Welcome to This is a site dedicated to learning the backtrack 5 Linux OS along with many of the tools it comes with. Please note that everything on this site is purely educational and I am not responsible for your actions. Also, please note that many of the articles here are still in drafting.

  • Backtrack Basics
    New to Backtrack? What to learn how to get started and learn the basics of hacking? Then this is where you want to start! These articles include how to install backtrack, updating tools, and the protocol to take when taking over a system.
  • Backtrack Intermediate:
    For those who want more than the basics. Includes web-based exploitation and the use of backdoors.
  • Backtrack Wireless:
    That magical piece of technology that gives you access over the air-waves and its vulnerabilities.
  • Metasploit Tutorials:
    Metasploit is an amazing framework for exploits and updates almost everyday. These guides cover some of the things Metasploit can do, and how to use it.
  • Scripting
    Tutorials on learning to code your own exploits and other useful things for penetration testing.
  • Backtrack Books:
    A useful collection of books you can buy from amazon to learn more about Backtrack and hacking.

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